How Apple is forming the future of marketing

Go Mobile CEO Аlexey Evseev comments on how Face ID, animated emoji and other technologies affect the industry.

Apple is one of the major drivers in the field of innovations. Apple technologies change the world and set the direction for many other companies.

Navigation and DOOH-technologies

The iPhone X includes support for the global positioning systems: Europe’s Galileo and Japan’s QZSS. This demonstrates the development of the geonavigation direction by the company. For marketing, this results in:

  • a more precise hypergeotargeting. The radius around the geolocation point is going to decrease allowing more efficient detection of a customer’s location
  • numerous new ways for the development of cross-platform and outdoor digital-advertising

In the previous versions, smartphones were guided only by the GPS and GLONASS. Chinese global navigation system BeiDou and Indian IRNSS are left on the sidelines for now.

Face ID and new transparency

According to Apple Senior Vice President of Marketing Phillip Schiller, Face ID is “incredible” and “unbelievable” for any user, even the one who changes his or her hairstyle once a week. Apple itself will get a huge amount of data on the most popular applications for each user which are directly related to the mathematical model of user’s face.

Imagine Face ID working offline. This will happen eventually even without Apple technologies. So, you enter a mall, the camera shoots your face and gets the data about your interests and activities. Then you receive an individual message with the most interesting sale locations and product range description.

In fact, we are already heading off to a new level of transparency: companies (now Apple, and later – others, as well) know about their users a lot, and in return they offer a perfectly matching advertising, timely online assistance and so on.

Animoji, AR Emoji and iMessage rebirth

An ordinary user buys iPhone X not because of its high-speed processor and not even because of an OLED screen – but due to the amazing quality of photos and emoji that can speak and copy facial expressions. The same explains Samsung’s popularity– using it you can create sets of your own animated stickers expressing different emotions.

An animated unicorn is Apple’s argument for iMessage and against Telegram and WhatsApp. Of course, it does not guarantee the success of iMessage, but it will definitely motivate all the other messengers.

A parade of advertising creatives lead by animated emoji is something we are going to face in the nearest future. They will be accepted with flying colors at first. It is time to begin developing creative strategies for the brands that are least restrained by brand books.

New App Store and focus on the organic traffic

Features that allow new applications to attract more organic traffic have been implemented in the latest version of the App Store.

  • Separate tabs for games and other apps have appeared. Now gamers have their own section, where they can look through a bigger number of games without getting distracted by other categories. Non-gaming and gaming applications are not mixed on the charts. This way both of the have more chances to be seen by their target audience
  • The “Today” tab shows the best apps of the day with stories, guides, and many other things. As many as three application preview videos are available. An option of a horizontal auto-playable video is added. This is an effective and illustrative design.
  • The top of the app page has reviews and ratings. Reviews and ratings are now shown at the top of the app page. According to the study conducted by mobile analytics platform Tune, these are the most significant indicators that the user pays attention to when downloading.
  • Rating of the app is based on the sum (average?) of the ratings given not only for the latest version, but through time. This helps to avoid a sharp fall in scores in case new version contains some bugs. On the other hand, if you did not pay attention to the ratings before and planned to deal with them with the release of a new version, now you would have to invest more time and efforts into it.
  • On the App Store, now there are covers at the top of the screen – just like on Google Play.

Apple Watch and all about your health

Apple Watch provides opportunities not only to monitor activities, but also to collect data about the users’ health. Information about people and their diseases, medication taken and treatment plan compliance is invaluable for pharmaceutical companies.

Targeting through such a database will be ten times more effective than the advertising which is currently purchased by the key market players. If Apple decides not to monetize this data (hard to believe but still), it will serve as a driver for other companies to begin collecting this kind of data using their own products.

Apple Watch and multiple screens

Apple Watch can be used absolutely separate from the iPhone. This way, smartphone only makes sense as a screen and a keyboard. All other functions are available on the watch.

I can imagine how the devices can be used in a different way: people constantly treat the watch as a main system unit, switching from one screen to another. The only thing they need to carry around is their watch. Additional screens can be set in the places where they actually need them: at home, at work, in the car and so on.

Hopes for the AR-technologies

Clearly, Apple puts its hopes on the technologies of augmented reality. You can expect the growth of popularity and diversity of AR-games. Brands are already using AR-technologies effectively for promotion and functionality enhancement. For example, the IKEA application shows how their furniture might look like in user’s room.

Here are a few examples of where augmented reality technologies can be used:

  • Navigation.  Specifically, this would be helpful for those who have problems with online maps: just point the smartphone at the street and start navigating following virtual arrows that appear on the screen.
  • Repair. Any object can be visualized in actual scale.
  • Improved outdoor games. Pokemon Go 3.0.
  • Instruction for any product. For example, you can point the smartphone at your washing machine and check which button you need to press.
  • Entertainment. If you are a child, simple comparison of how large a whale relatively to a house can be priceless

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