CEO interview for Mediametrics radio

There are some extracts and quotes from the interview on radio Mediametrics where

Go Mobile CEO Alexey Evseev told about mobile marketing in Russia.

About Google Partner status

The Google Partner badge is given for effective advertising campaigns and big general budget. We never know how do they estimate the efficiency. Now we provide several types of services: mobile contextual advertising, mobile web and app advertising, video ad etc. For each specialization we have Google badges. It means we make effective and qualitative promotion on this platform.

About boosting apps to the TOP

You always can hire teenagers and pay them 5-15 rubles for installs and reviews. However being on the TOP is not a must. It is effective only for apps with large target audiences. In case your app targets not almost everybody, there is no sense in boosting it to the TOP. It will be much more wiser to do audience segmentation and attract each one of them with special promotion strategy.

Why it is high time to go mobile

Now mobile is actual for any business. The number of mobile internet users overcame desktop users and grows every day. There are 17-19 million people who use only mobile internet for the Internet access in Russia.  

About “forbidden” goods promotion

We had some clients from this group. It is forbidden in Russia to promote casinos or alcohol. But it doesn’t mean that we can’t show Russians this advertisement on sites with domain com.

About refusals to clients

We really often refuse to work with potential clients. For example, when they have no mobile site version. We always try to explain that the whole mobile advertising campaign will be just waste of money without mobile-friendly site. Mobile users will click on banners but won`t make any leads on site because it`s not adopted.  

We had a client wanted to make football fan application. I think that already existing social nets` functional is enough for this group cooperation. Special app will be uncompetitive. Target audience is small and not solvent.

About failures

It happens that client sets KPI`s, and we can’t reach them. Then client changes it. It is normal and everybody faced it. The most important is not to cheat. Lie is a bad strategy.

About paid reviews

We can do paid reviews. What is more we check out every symbol in all positive reviews with clients.

Nevertheless good reviews and marks is not a panacea. If the product quality is low and we keep buying reviews, they just won`t help. People will install the app but won’t use it.

We had such a client. It was inconvenient app with quite low marks. We had published several thousands reviews, that costs real money, before the client understood that he needed to change the product firstly.

About traffic buying models

We buy CPM (cost per mille) or CPC (cost per click) traffic and offer our clients CPC,CPM, CPV(cost per view), CPI(cost per install), CPA(cost per action) models. Most of clients prefer CPA payment.

Experienced clients understand that click or install are just opening actions. The way users perform after the install is much more important. Number of active users is more significant than number of installs.

Application vs mobile site

To realise what is more considerable for your business, you should estimate how often users interact with your company. If they do it at least every week, you need mobile app.

About trends

We all are becoming smarter. Clients carry about their mobile assets, think about different mobile analytics types, they understand how it`s important to be promoted on mobile.

It was interesting case: we promoted treatment for male sexual potency, and  they got 90% clicks from mobile banners.

In the future marketing will get to transparency. Clients will track where the users come from and their behaviour after installs.

About В2В mobile-marketing

B2В is always more difficult. For example, we work with Alfa-bank and their app for B2B-clients. The base of our strategy is lookalike targeting. The bank gives us its clients` anonymous data and we look for users who behave the similar way. Also we show advertisement for clients of other B2B bank apps.

About foreign mobile marketing

Half of all Sweden payments are done with smartphones. There are agencies, websites, apps that maintain it.The ecosystems which exist abroad are more developed than Russian ones.

Considering the knowledge, there is no gap. Eastern and western partners come to us because of cheap currency. Here in Russia they can do tests and get active users. With these clients we get technologies.

About favorite cases

We launched a campaign targeted on Chinese in Moscow. Having seen the advertisement they were to go to offline Swatch shops and buy watches. I wasn’t sure that we can accomplish KPI`s. Finally it appeared to be easy: we targeted on Chinese language and location Moscow.  Now we still  implement sales plan.


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